From this very moment that I join among veterinarians;

I will dedicate my life for the humanity,

I’ll protect the people, who contributed my achievement of getting this job, with respect and gratitude,

I’ll perform my job right and honor my occupation,

I’ll aim the international development of my occupation, and with this purpose, I’ll work with my colleagues with a full understanding and cooperation,

I’ll acquire the principle of serving human and animal health in modern means,

I’ll put effort to protect environment, which is the common property of humans and animals, and try to make every creature to benefit from it,

I’ll respect the emotions and thoughts of patient owners and I’ll do what needs to be done, no matter what social statue, political tendencies and religion they have,

I won’t reveal the secrets of my occupation as I perform it,

I’ll treat my patients and make researches according to the deontological rules and ethical principles and without turning back to the scientific methods,

I make an oath in front of the humanity, scientific truth, and my occupation’s honor, that I’ll keep my word.