Burdur stands in the junction of many man roads. You can reach Burdur from the any city of Turkey by a bus. Every city has a lot of bus services and companies, and it’s possible to find several buses to Burdur in a day. Minibuses are used in the city. Also there are small bus companies that make transportation the districts of Burdur. The following list shows the distance between Burdur and the cities with air transportation:
Istanbul – Burdur  --> 10 hours
Ankara – Burdur  --> 5 hours
Izmır – Burdur  --> 5 hours      
Antalya – Burdur  --> 1.5 hours
Isparta – Burdur  --> 45 minutes

It’s very easy to reach Burdur by air. There’s an airport in the city of Isparta and it’s just 25 kilometers away from Burdur. Another option is the Antalya airport, which is 130 kilometers away from Burdur. The cities of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmır, which have the biggest international airports of Turkey, are the other options for transportations from out-side the country.

Isparta Suleyman Demirel Air Port: 00 90 246 232 25 92

Antalya Airport: 00 90 242 243 43 81 [-82, -83]